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Trick or Treat! Outrage Masquerades as Principles in Crisis Management

Why are organizations punished in the Court of Public Opinion for violating ethical principles when they have not broken any law? Dr. Peter Sandman, a preeminent risk communications expert, says when an issue sparks outrage (and we see plenty of organizations pilloried in social media by outraged trolls every day), society becomes desperate to blame somebody.

But why does viral outrage sometimes influence lawmakers to punish ethical violations that aren’t really illegal? (Think EpiPen and the congressional excoriation of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch).

Because reputation is your organization’s largest uninsured asset, investing the time to read through Dr. Sandman’s piece may be the best investment you make for your organization today. If you are the keeper of your organization’s reputation, you really can’t afford not to.

To read Dr. Sandman’s piece, click here.

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