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The Fight to Be a Middle-Aged Female News Anchor

From our colleague, Ginger Casey, commenting on a recent piece in the New York Times:

Age discrimination has never been an issue for the men in a television newsroom – they age and become more ‘credible’. Women age and get replaced. And the ones who are left are under relentless pressure to stuff themselves into skin tight, thigh high, sleeveless dresses. And yet, there has not been a industry-wide push back on this increasing sexualization of the on-air females – somehow these women have been made to think they are ’empowering’ themselves by dressing this way and many get angry at anyone who points out that they are limiting their career. At some point though, you have to ask yourself – are you set dressing or a journalist? Because if you try to be both, you will last as long as your size six dress fits.

You can read the New York Times article here.

Ginger Casey is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has worked in leading markets across the country, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.

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