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Preparing For a Company Crisis: Protecting Your Business’ People, Assets & Reputation

A Conversation on Company Crisis Preparedness with former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, from Boss Magazine —


Every business leader thinks and rethinks their business strategy, weighing the strengths, analyzing the weaknesses, pondering the opportunities and scrutinizing the threats. But when it comes to a company crisis, how many are applying that same due diligence to the protection of their brand, the safety of their people, and the security of their assets?

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says that paying attention to security challenges— before a crisis—should be a priority for every business leader.

Denterlein Vice President Jill Reilly recently sat down with former Boston Police Commissioner to discuss today’s security challenges and his thoughts on mitigating them.

No stranger to complex security matters, having guided the City of Boston through the Marathon bombing and dozens of other events, Davis emphasized that preparedness is key to keeping an organization’s people and assets safe. He also stressed that a critical piece of being prepared is to integrate crisis communications into your crisis management plan.

Reilly: In your role as Boston Police Commissioner you managed some very high-profile events – the Boston Marathon bombing and six professional sports championship celebrations, just to name a few. Now you are applying that experience as a security consultant. What are the security challenges that you see organizations face?

Commissioner Davis: What we have seen across our broad spectrum of clients—which range from large entertainment venues to universities to sporting facilities to large corporations—is very consistent.

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