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Looking Back on COVID-19

Wherever you turn, commercial messages about COVID-19 are everywhere.  Car companies, electric and gas utilities, computer manufacturers, beer companies, banks, grocery stores…every one of them reminding us that we live in uncertain times…and that we’re here for you.

Yes you are.  You all are.  And we thank you for it.

In our last newsletter, we highlighted a link to a great video compilation of scores of well-known consumer brands, all pretty much saying the same thing.  You can see that video here.

Last week, we saw a video that took a completely different viewpoint, one that was far less commercial than what’s seen in the above-referenced video.  This video was produced by the good folks at Falls Communications, a few floors below our office in downtown Cleveland’s Terminal Tower.  Here’s what the firm’s CEO, Rob Falls, said about this video:

We have seen videos related to the horrific COVID-19 experience.  They have covered the important themes of we are in this together and we are stronger together and we are there for you.  There have been messages of appreciation to healthcare workers, to civil servants, to first responders and to grocery workers.  And, of course, there are the videos about staying safe and doing the right things.

All of these messages have been spot-on.  They have made an impact and they have tugged at the emotional heart strings of all of us.  Mission accomplished.  And we thank all of those who have produced them.

After some reflection, we wanted to express a different perspective.  We wanted to produce something that looked ahead, but by doing so – looked back.

So, we thought about someday – all of this will all be over.  And time will pass.  And, of course, we will remember the suffering, the personal losses and the separation from each other.  However, we hope we will all remember what we learned from the togetherness, the ways in which we coped and the selfless actions and sacrifices made to help others.  When we will look back, we hope we will learn, and never forget.  Learned what is truly important to each of us…and remember.

That is why we produced this piece.  Please click on this link to watch the video. On behalf of everyone at the agency, we hope you like it.

By | May 3, 2020 | Pandemic

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