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How You and Your Executive Can Become a Reporter’s Trusted Sources

By Seth Arenstein for PRNEWS

It’s a popular refrain the PR pro hears from executives: I’m an expert on XYZ topicSo, why doesn’t the media call me for interviews?

One reason is that the reliable source club is small. Anecdotally, it seems journalists have a cadre of go-to sources they tap consistently, especially when covering breaking-news stories. To some extent, that’s understandable.

Among the most important characteristics of a go-to source– besides having knowledge of a topic and a willingness to share it–is that most of the time she’ll respond quickly when a reporter calls, texts or emails. As such, it’s hard to blame reporters on tight deadlines for returning to the same people.

And, as PR pros know, the typical reporter is covering more stories and beats as newsrooms consolidate. Moreover, journalists not only cover stories, but they’re also tasked with creating a social media presence for themselves and their content. So, sources who seem to drop everything when a media member calls are must-haves.

Time Management

Accordingly, PR pros must ask themselves and executives desiring press exposure: Is consistently responding quickly to media requests the best use of your time? Those who answer yes are some of the people featured consistently in articles and TV news.

Is this group smarter or better informed than people you represent? Not necessarily, yet they’re willing to play the game.

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