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Has the Crisis Communications ‘Golden Hour’ Disappeared?

From Victoria Cross, writing for

Fight, flight, freeze… or film?

Evolutionary science tells us that when faced with a potentially dangerous situation, our sympathetic nervous system is activated and a primitive ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response kicks in. Our body is subsequently flooded with adrenaline and we are poised to make an unconscious decision to help safeguard our survival.

While our basic human instincts remain fundamentally the same as our evolutionary ancestors, the world around us has not. We are now a long way from the sabre-toothed tiger, and even the infamous screech of the Internet dial-up tone, and find ourselves in a state of constant digital overload. We snap, share, like, retweet and comment on almost every aspect of our lives and the lives of those inside and outside of our communities.

There are of course significant benefits to having these digital tools at our fingertips, we can share our lives with friends and family, engage with organizations and brands, and access a wealth of information and resources – including which recalled products or snarled-up roads we might want to avoid! However, in the age of sharing, we’ve seen individuals taking to their smart phones to circulate images and videos of terrorist attacks and other crises online.

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