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Five Ways to Network at a Barbecue and Not Get Burned

By Mike O’Horo, writing for Attorney at Work…

As invitations begin to roll in for social events this post-pandemic summer, here’s a refresher from “coach” Mike O’Horo on how to handle yourself when you meet someone for the first time — or after a long time. 

As summer approaches, social schedules ramp up with graduation parties, barbecues, golf outings, baseball games and the like. At least some of these will be hosted by your firm, clients and other business contacts. It’s an opportunity to meet and reconnect with people.

However, it also entails an obligation to do so. You can’t just stand around by yourself or with a few people you already know. Apart from the obvious waste of an opportunity to network, that can put a burden on your host who, noticing your isolation, may worry that you’re not having a good time, or feel like he or she should spend time with you, or introduce you around. So, do your part to help make the event successful.

Remember These Tips for What to Say When You Meet Someone for the First Time

Even if you’re shy, you can contribute to social occasions, and even enjoy it. Here are five things to remember when someone for the first time.

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