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Express Your Best Self: Go for Connection, Not Perfection

From Stephanie Scotti, writing for SmartBrief…

When you are about to step up to deliver a presentation, you may feel like the audience is an adversary. If so, you may be surprised to learn that, with rare exceptions, your audience is really cheering for you; they want you to succeed.

Whether listening by choice or out of a sense of obligation, your audience members want to feel they are investing their time well. They have a purpose for being there: to learn something that helps them do their job, to understand where the company is going, or to gain inspiration about their work. To make them feel like your talk was a good investment of their time, you must “own the room.”

Sound like a tall order? I’ll let you in on some best-kept secrets for expressing your best self so that you radiate ownership every time you speak.

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By | September 1, 2021 | Media Training, Speaker Training

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