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Coronavirus: Allaying Panic, Doctors Talking to Patients, Comparing COVID-19 to Seasonal Flu & Reaction to President Trump’s News Conference

Beyond the headlines and soundbites, the main effect from coronavirus seen thus far in the United States may be confusion.

Who to believe. What to believe.

And how best to prepare and think about this latest global threat right now.

Here, we offer analysis and advice from the United States’ preeminent risk communication speakers and consultants, Dr. Peter Sandman and Dr. Jody Lanard.  

Allaying Panic Is Not a Key Goal of COVID-19 Risk Communication Right Now

How Should Anxious Doctors Talk to Anxious Patients about COVID-19; The Risk of Overreacting

Comparing COVID-19 to Seasonal Flu; Transitioning from Containment to Mitigation; the Powers of Local Public Health Officials

Determination, Not Cheerleading: A Reaction to President Trump’s February 26 COVID-19 News Conference

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