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Why Wall Street Can’t Escape the Culture Wars

By Paul J. Davies, writing for Bloomberg – Wall Street has always been involved in politics even if bank bosses sometimes want to pretend disinterest. In the past, they were able to stick mainly to battles about tax and regulation. Now, it is ever harder to avoid the U.S. culture wars. Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

From our friend and colleague, Richard Levick at… We are an over-polled society, a fact which subsequently influences politicians to prefer to follow rather than lead. Yet, how is it possible that up until U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization leaked, only 20% of Americans thought […]

When Should Corporations Take a Stand on High-Profile Social Issues?

By Tony Jaques, writing for Managing Outcomes… The likely overthrow of Roe v Wade to limit access to abortion in the United States has highlighted whether and when business corporations should take a stand on controversial social issues. Denim company Levi Strauss was one of the first major companies to weigh in on this debate, […]

Jif Stuck in a Recall Jam Demonstrates a Teachable Moment

Introduction by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications… It’s not even a guilty pleasure. I have unapologetically devoured ton upon ton of JIF peanut butter in my lifetime. And I’ll continue doing so. Not to denigrate Skippy or Peter Pan or the grocery store’s pricey boutique nut butter offerings, but I’ve been a Jif guy for a […]

How Your Reputation Can Survive Media Public Records Requests

By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications… Public record requests can be complex and time-consuming. In many instances you need to drop everything you’re doing and launch a scavenger hunt through voluminous caches of electronic and paper records across a number of different departments to fulfill the reporter’s request. Yes, it may be frustrating, and it may […]

Opinion: The Tricky Politics of Anti-ESG Investing

Introduction by Thomas Fladung, Hennes Communications… In an era of unprecedented corporate involvement in sensitive, frequently controversial, social issues, a recent survey of American consumers provides some guidance. The takeaway is not that companies should avoid taking any positions on such issues but that they should choose their battles carefully and, crucially, pay more than […]

Why Should Your School Reach Out To a Crisis Communications Firm?

By Stephanie York, JD, Hennes Communications Quick – What’s the single highest priority for a superintendent, head of school or board president?  It’s not education.  It’s safety. And just one part of that safety net is making sure you have a pre-written crisis communications plan at your fingertips – or at least the phone number […]

Florida School Board Association Partners with Hennes Communications to Provide Issues Management Crisis Management & Communications Services to Members

There are scores of reasons why your district can be thrust into the news. Lawsuit…sports controversy…social media threats…active shooter… board-superintendent clash…criminal accusation…discrimination complaints…diversity issues…FERPA or HIPAA violation…fiscal mismanagement…protest… sexual misconduct…student newspaper story…challenging conversations… testing controversy…union grievance/strike… Suddenly, there’s a TV crew in the parking lot, your local newspaper is on Line One and the situation […]

Corporate America Doesn’t Want to Talk Abortion, but It May Have To

Business leaders, who have increasingly waded into social issues like racial equity and voting rights, now face whether to comment on abortion.  A recent New York Times story talks to corporate executives, business professors and others about that decision and provides examples of what some businesses are choosing to say. From Emma Goldberg, Alisha Haridasani […]

Corporate Social and Political Engagement: An Introduction

From Alexandra Reed Lajoux, writing for Directors&Boards… Corporations have the right to free speech. Should they exercise that right? Should corporations take public stances on social issues? Should they make contributions to political action committees or political parties? Under what circumstances do such actions create issues for corporations and their boards? These questions are timely […]

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