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3 Keys to a Successful Virtual Presentation

Rob Biesenbach, in CommPro, writes:

Virtual presentations have always been hard. Audiences are restless, distracted and can easily tune out since no one’s watching them. 

But doing a virtual presentation from home is even harder — both presenters and audiences are dealing with isolation, disruptions and limited technology. 

So if you want to make a real impact and achieve your goals (get your idea approved, rally your team around a goal, convince a customer to buy), now is the time to step up your virtual game. 

You can do that by focusing on three things: master your technology, make your content as clear and compelling as possible and deliver it in a way that’s truly engaging. Here are my top tips in each of these areas. 

Master Your Technology 

At home, you probably don’t enjoy the level of technology you’re accustomed to in the workplace. Here’s how to upgrade your audio and visual quality. 

  • Your home Wi-Fi probably won’t cut it; get an extra-long Ethernet cable and plug directly into your router.
  • Use your webcam so that you’re more than an impersonal, disembodied voice.
  • Get light on your face. Use every lamp in the house if you have to.
  • Elevate your screen; nobody wants to look up your nose.
  • Like taking a selfie, you want to look at the lens, not the screen, when speaking.
  • Don’t neglect the audio. “Phone” a friend and test out your options (computer microphone, cell phone, headset, earbuds, etc.).

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